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Personal: Decisions

Just glanced at the Summerfest website and see that for the big-time, payin' stage I'm going to have to make some big decisions with my limited budget: John Mellencamp? Tom Petty? Santana? I guess I'm leaning toward Petty at first glance, but....

Other decisions: the Chianti or the Montepulciano for (my advisor) Coffey's seminar tomorrow? The other will go to Barnes' seminar and the eatin' there, but for Coffey it's his last day as a classroom instructor: to me that's the most overwhelming idea, loving teaching as much as I do--I can't imagine letting that go with retirement. But that's an occasion that cannot pass without a toast and a bit of celebration for a noble career. Ooo, which reminds me: I should find and wash my stemware before bed. Still haven't unpacked that stuff from the move up here in 2002: almost was able to leave it to the next move at the end of month....
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