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Personal: Telephone Night

A great night! On top of a fabulously productive theological day, where I began to get professional intimations that I've been on the right track all along about the interaction between grace and freedom. More on that later. Like maybe November, after my exams are done.

So--the great night. I just got through with a rare event: a phone call from J.P. Hurt that went for some hours. J.P. is one of the most notorious people for not getting back to you, no matter how many emails, telephone calls, letter bombs, etc. that you send him, so this was a real treat. Along with calls from my Mom and Dad, what more could you ask? Why am I writing this down? Just 'cause it feels good.

J.P. News, for the few of you who know him (and likely have also not heard anything from him for months or years):
1) Dating a sheila named Sheila.
2) Getting ready for summer school anatomy and physiology (he turned his original med school intention to nursing).
3) Oh, that may be news, too: is now at Purdue University pursuing his nth unrelated (to any other) degree.
4) Playing piano again, for choirs and even a musical around Purdue, and just performed the "Moonlight" Sonata at a concert: if you know Japes, you know his interpretations of Beethoven can be inspired.

A J.P. World is a Happy World. With lots of strings.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, george and the freeks, personal

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