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Theological Notebook/Personal: Whole Lotta Nothin'...

Now that the papal rush is over, there's not a whole lot going on here. I'm curled up for the evening reading a classmates' paper on "Is There a Supernatural Existential in the Universe?: A Comparison of Lonergan and Rahner on the Natural Desire to See God." I forgot to call my Mom again for the fourth day (at least) in a row. (Sorry, Mom.) And I think I'm going to have a bad night, health-wise.

Not a whole lot going on. So. What to do? Perhaps I'll just fast-forward half a century and just start writing that Live Journal. I imagine it will be entirely devoted to the quality of my bowel movements; an elderly male conversation topic/fixation regarding which I have a considerable head start. So how 'bout it? All Bowel Movements, All The Time?

I think I'll go back to reading the essay. 'Night, all. Just feelin' a little testy, I guess....
Tags: personal, theological notebook

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