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Personal: Bob Foster Visits; Watching "Grand Canyon"

Had a good evening hanging with Bob Foster tonight, who was in for his fortnightly foray from Rochester. That sentence had entirely too many Fs. My apologies. Having had a more-or-less unobserved birthday on Monday (but freaking cool seminars with Coffey and Barnes, reading Coffey's notable "The Whole Rahner on the Supernatural Existential" article), tonight made up for that with a long relaxed dinner out in the dark wood paneling of Turner's downtown, over Bourbon Chicken for Bob and a London Broil for me. There was lots of conversation on Bob and Carmen's still fairly-new role as parents of Logan, and my doctoral question that I plotted out this afternoon with Andrei Orlov about Jewish mystical and apocalyptic influences in the Prologue to John's gospel. I also got to give Evangelical Bob the low-down on this new Pope guy.

We moved back to my apartment and watched Grand Canyon, having spectacularly failed to find that movie last month when Bob swung by for an evening. I had seen it when it came out, and remembered virtually nothing of it other than it was Kasdan in high form. It was at times probing to look back those 15 years and have the movie ask me: "Did you notice the world had changed? Why did you accept it?" To know America and its violence 15 years beyond the situation of the film gave it an accusing weight beyond what it likely had at the time. I don't think I saw half of what was there when I originally saw it. Anyway, it was one when we finished and Bob had to dash, but it was a good night: just the right amount of really enjoying a friend that I don't get to see that often to make it really celebratory for me in its own quiet way.
Tags: america, apocalyptic literature, coffey, friends-marquette era, milwaukee, movie review, rahner, restaurants

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