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Theological Notebook: The Conclave Begins

I fell asleep after listening to Ratzinger's homily during the Mass for the Election of a Pope, and woke up to be able to see the Cardinals process into the Conclave and to watch the opening prayers and taking of the oaths. Very cool of the Vatican to allow that much coverage and to let us pray with the rest of the Church on this occasion, and to just let us see what it all looks like. Of course, I could wish that I wasn't up at these times thanks to my stupid intestines going crazy, but that's my life.

If Ratzinger's funeral homily for John Paul II put him on the map for the electors by making him look extremely papal, I should think that this one did him in. He said legitimate things about the dangers of modernity, particularly the subtle tyrrany of relativism (whose slaves would insist that they're free), but he said it in such a defensive way--such a fearful way, really--that I think the sheer attitude would have perhaps confirmed people's worst fears for the mood of a Ratzinger papacy. He also took twice to four times as long as necessary to say it, which I also thought was the kiss of death. Honestly, were I one of his fellow Cardinals, I would have been struggling with the temptation to rush the microphone and knock him over the head with my big cool white miter.

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