Novak (novak) wrote,

Random--Betting on the conclave

Current odds on the conclave can be found here at

And I find that I just dig this photograph from The New York Times: for some reason, in the midst of all the "HISTORY" going on, it speaks to me of the real, ongoing life of the Church.

Rome Priests heard confessions Friday in the Circus Maximus in Rome where people had gathered to watch the funeral of Pope John Paul II, broadcast on a giant videoscreen.

Had a great, late night over at Dan and Amy Lloyd's, with a roast pork dinner that was most delish, and great, endless talk with them and their other guests: Mike and Donna Harris, Andrei Orlov, Chris Dorn, and Michel Barnes. Good times. And so I didn't get my taxes done or write that thing for Doug. Really, they're both going to happen!
Tags: conclave, food, media, photography, random, theological notebook

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