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WAAHHH!!! 60 emails down to about 10 still in the "In-Box." Reading for Doug in Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini and Umberto Eco's exchanged letters--you might want to check it out, too. Short and sweet and and smart. And for the enlightened:

Robert Jordan emailed us today with the following:

"The best news of all is that Knife of Dreams is on target to be finished this month. For the first time in more than ten years, I WON'T be on tour two months after a book is done. I can't tell you what a luxury that seems."

For months, Jordan has been saying that he would like to be finished with the Knife of Dreams manuscript by April, so that he and Tor can spend the summer giving it the full editorial treatment. This has not been done since Lord of Chaos. Usually, they do a quick and dirty editorial process to get the book in the store for us as quickly as possible. From this, it sounds like he is right where he wants to be and we can expect the book to be released on schedule in October.
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