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Theological Notebook--Vatican Ties to Taiwan

My brother and I were just talking the other night about the implications if a Chinese got elected Pope. Of course, until reading this article, I thought Cardinal Wu Cheng-chung of Hong Kong was still alive. My bad. Sometimes I really wish someone would just spill the beans and tell the People's Republic that Taiwan actually is an independent country and has been for the last 50 years. I suppose if it actually somehow resulted in religious freedom in the People's Republic then it might not be entirely evil to humour their delusion regarding Taiwan for a few years. But if the Vatican broke relations first, I'd be pissed. I wish George "We must stand for democracy and freedom everywhere" Bush would have America lead the way on this, despite it going against all conventional Washington thinking....

Vatican Mulls Cutting Ties with Taiwan: HK Bishop

Apr 4, 11:43 PM (ET)

HONG KONG (Reuters) - The Vatican would be reluctantly willing to cut ties with Taiwan and set up relations with China if Beijing could guarantee religious freedom, the head of the Hong Kong Roman Catholic diocese said on Tuesday.

"If the Chinese government is willing to grant real freedom to the church in mainland China, then the Vatican would reluctantly be willing to give up its diplomatic relations with Taiwan," Bishop Joseph Zen told Reuters.

"The unfair thing is, Beijing wants the Vatican to stop its relations with Taiwan first before it will talk with the Vatican."

China severed relations with the Holy See in the 1950s after expelling foreign clergy. Believers must attend state-sanctioned churches which pledge loyalty to Beijing instead of the Vatican, though many worship the Pope in secret.

The South China Morning Post on Tuesday quoted Zen as saying the Holy See had been "thinking of giving up" Taiwan. "This is a difficult (decision), but it has decided to do it," he was quoted as saying.
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