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Personal: Things that make for a great day

Things that make for a great day:
1) Your CDs arrive in the mail and you get that satisfaction of having completed a piece of work.
2) Robert Jordan has a new novel released the same day.
3) You have Cheetoes and Sprite, without which the taste buds feel left out of the eyes' and ears' rejoicing from the previous two items.
4) In addition to those, you have strange and interesting Chinese leftovers in your fridge (Apple Pork).
5) And to crown it all, you get to talk to even more old friends, and new ones as well.

Complications for the great day:
1) Where the hell do you put all these CDs in your studio apartment, which is already crammed with everything you had in your one-bedroom apartment?
2) It's freaking cold in Milwaukee today, and my apartment has a northwest exposure.
3) The coffeehouse is closed early and you really, really want a hot chocolate.
4) Your online distributor hasn't got your CDs on the net yet.
5) You know you've forgotten something, but can't remember what it is, and that alone is beginning to feel like having poison ivy on your brain.
Tags: musical, personal, robert jordan, the renaissance men

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