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Random--An Important Poll

I love the geniuses in the American press who put things like this together in the firm belief that this is actually telling us something. I note four categories, however, that are strangely missing:

1) Percentage of respondents who could articulate the theological or ecclesiological rationale for the position with which they disagree.

2) Percentage of respondents who could offer a coherent theological or ecclesiological rationale for their own position.

3) Percentage of respondents who feel that neither inability mentioned above has a bearing on the legitimacy of their opinion.

4) Percentage of respondents who believe that God is really an American.

*Note: None of the eye-rolling commentary offered above should be understood to imply anything about the author's own responses to the questions asked on the poll.
Tags: catholicism, conclave, john paul ii, media, priesthood, random, theological notebook

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