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Theological Notebook--Continuing Press Coverage

In Europe, despite how woefully secularized it's become, one tends to find that media writers on religious matters have Ph.D.s in their specialized field. Like with any science, the presumption is that education in the subject gives you a capacity to both speak about it skillfully and to ask sensible questions of other specialists in the field, as the occasion demands.

I'm finding that I rather doubt that that's the case in America.

Michel Barnes sent a quote a little while ago that tends toward the same kind of observation:
"We don't expect the secularalists who dominate our intelligentsia ever to understand how a man rooted in orthodox Christianity could ever reconcile himself with modernity, much less establish himself on the vanguard of world history. But many years ago, when the same question was put to France's Cardinal Lustiger by a reporter, he gave the answer. "You're confusing a modern man with an American liberal," the Cardinal replied. It was a confusion that Pope John Paul II, may he rest in peace, never made."
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