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Theological Notebook--Hilary on the Trinity

Finally was able to make some headway today and write a decent bit of commentary on the passage from Hilary of Poitiers' De Trinitate that I mentioned back on the 14th. Huh--nine days to really feel like I had a real handle on it! It looks like that Augustine mimicked the passage by way of correcting it: that Hilary in his attempt to understand what it meant that Jesus was "anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power" had inadvertently written the Holy Spirit more-or-less out of the program. What he's left with actually reads in a fairly binatarian way: that all we're really dealing with is a relationship between the Father and the Son. Augustine, in working on the nature of the Holy Spirit's relationship to the Father and the Son, realizes that the Spirit's role is actually central to not only who Jesus is but also to who we become in union with Christ, and sharing something of the same anointing. Augustine is able to give an intellectual or ontological, or even personal (Personal?) warrant for Christian spirituality--well, human spirituality--that Hilary has failed to perceive.

Dug around in the library to find that no one ever seems to have noticed what I've found in Augustine here, and only redeemed my time by possibly helping out classmate Lorelle of the Philosophy Department in realizing that one of our philosophy professors had been the recent translator of Augustine's letters. This was potentially useful because the apparently non-existent critical edition that she was looking for--or any version of such a beastie that might exist--could be in his possession, here conveniently on our campus.

Time to get out of town and go visit Mum for the holiday.
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