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Personal--All Done with Grading...!


Okay. I have just completed three days of obsessive, nuthin'-but-gradin', grading. Mid-term exams! Essay Mid-term exams! Handwritten Essay Mid-term exams! And their insights on "Christian Faith and Racial Justice" aside, some of these folks have got to go back to fourth grade, have their current writing hand broken, and have the Palmer method beaten into them as they learn to write with their other hand (and cope with the stutters and other minor neurological entertainment that will be forthcoming). So say I.

So, with tomorrow dedicated to searching through all of Cyprian of Carthage's corpus and Hillary of Poitier's On the Trinity for possible sources for my dense reading from Augustine's De Trinitate (I can't say it in English so easily for his work), I will now recover, guilt-free*, by reading what I fear will be a dreadfully silly treatment in Dr. Fate, issues 1-17, which just arrived in the mail.

If I get weary with that, I might also watch Teen Titans and Justice League: Unlimited on Cartoon Network in order to further retreat from the recent tedium of reality. For my final trick, in case of utter restlessness, I will amaze all doubters by reading Robert Jordan whilst also being in graduate school. Let no one stand in my way!

*This is, of course, not true, as I'm an Irish Catholic and have a sense of guilt more-or-less as part of my genetic heritage; nevertheless, it properly signifies an idealistic attitute central to the narrative just described.

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