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Personal--A Melody

For the first time in a long, long while, a really fun melody is coming together in my head. I can hear vocals. I can hear BGVs. I can hear guitars. I can hear a really fun (I already used those words) couple of horn sections that are going to be a bear to work out. But this song is upbeat like early Beatles/"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is upbeat. Ooo... this should make for a fun summer project. And it's a song for Haley, niece #2, since Grace (famed Number One Baby) already has a song, which I also have to record. And do an easier horn section for. (Heavy on tuba.) Man, it feels good to get this in my head: bassmike and seeker101--Thanks for the musical encouragement!

Alright: laundry is folded; grading 40 essay midterm exams is not nearly done; dinner with Uncle Bill, Aunt Helen, and Cousin Becca for tomorrow night/tonight has been postponed accordingly. Time for my soak, some simultaneous reading of Lord of Chaos, and bed.

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