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Theological Notebook--Notes from Augustine and Coffey

Just got this neat little note from Coffey, on a neat little note from Augustine: I thought they were worth reproducing here.

The text from Augustine [from Sermon 169, xi, 13] at the bottom of p. 166 is translated as follows:
He who made you without you [i.e. without your cooperation] will not justify you without you [i.e. without your cooperation]. He made you without your knowing [it], but he will not justify you without your willing [it] [i.e. your consent].
This is a typical Augustinian bon mot. Note the extreme terseness and brevity of expression along with the antitheses, the first theological and existential, and the second philosophical and existentiell, of creation and justification, and of knowing and willing.

Oh, and making my entry yesterday, I saw on the department website a statement Coffey just added about his "professional vision" which I found rather compelling. So I'm jotting that down, too.

Since theology is the intellectual dimension of faith, the Church has a serious responsibility to foster and encourage theology as part of its ministry to its members and to the world. Hence, in the Catholic Church, the existence of Catholic universities and of departments of theology within them. As Catholic theology must be both ecumenical and missionary to be authentically Catholic, departments of theology in Catholic universities rightly include non-Catholic professors and students, who also contribute to the overall project. Since research is essential to the maintenance of excellence, research and publication as well as teaching should feature prominently in Catholic theology departments. My own areas of specialization are chosen on one principal criterion: their centrality to Catholic and Christian faith. This criterion arises out of my conviction that the locus of theology is the faith community rather than the secular university, of which I also have had firsthand experience.
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