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Theological Notebook--Works in Progress; kinda

Still trying to finish up the work from last semester, but since my ability to sleep is still being messed with by my need to exercise my intestines, I'm finding that I tend to stare at my computer in a vegetative state far more than I would like. I've got about half of my "The Odes of Solomon: Apocalyptic Literature?" paper completed, where I'm trying to discuss how I've found that these end-of-the-first-century song lyrics that are very joyous and praising of the recent advent of the Messiah are also highly coloured with an apocalyptic world-view, not so much in an end-of-the-world kind of way, although there's bits of that, but even moreso in the kind of transformational spirituality that characterized a lot of apocalypses. My point in all the jazz is to show that if we can relate the Odes to this other genre of literature, our reading of the Odes themselves will become much more nuanced.

Once done with that (I'm shooting for the weekend), I owe Barnes a detailed commentary on a Holy Spirit passage, which I haven't picked out yet, although I'm inclined to play with something in Origen's work. I've never done one of these "dense readings" for Barnes, so I'm not sure how long that will take. And in the meantime, I'm sitting in on two seminars as I mentioned before, which I've neglected to summarize thus far. 'Cause I'm braindead and never thought of it.

Man, what I'd give for a night's uninterrupted sleep. I've not had one in six months now. I guess it's like being a new parent. Except without a baby. No, I'm the baby. Crap.

In better news, I applied today for the sublease of the apartment in the Ardmore that I want: that would get me in this summer, now that the Abbottsford is being converted to undergrad housing. It would be great to get back to a one-bedroom: having everything jammed in an efficiency--with no ability to have public and private space--has been like living in a storage closet the last 2 1/2 years. I'm ready for a bit more space, even if it's just a bit.
Tags: apocalyptic literature, barnes, holy spirit course, marquette, patristics, personal, theological notebook

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