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Well, recovery continues at a good and welcome pace. After going right up to the door of whether or not I'd have to hospitalize myself because of a 24-hour intestinal blockage, all that gave way, I got the evil drug out of my system, and--since we're not going to continue to use that medication--life became so much easier. It's amazing how freeing not being in constant pain is, by contrast.

Blah, blah, blah.

So, weak as a newborn lamb, I took it very easy, eating and reading on the couch, for the last few days, but strength has come back quickly, at least enough to feel good and get moving around again. I'm sure the weight is coming a bit more slowly, but it's coming. I finished re-reading The Eye of the World in the middle of all the drama, which I'd picked up in Salt Lake City's airport as I was about to finish Crossroads of Twilight, just being in a Jordan mood and not at all concerned about having another paperback copy of the thing. I then picked up a biography of C.S. Lewis that I'd bought in July 2001 and immediately loaned to Kevin, who I don't think ever looked at it. Jack: A Life of C.S. Lewis is by a friend of his, George Sayer, and I found it the best of the biographies that I've read, which number at least a half-dozen. What was so good about it was the attention to earlier facets of Lewis' life, and especially a very convincing rebuttal to some of the common themes or assumptions in earlier biographies, such as the nature of Lewis' relationship to Mrs. Moore. Highly recommended. (I think the first edition has a slightly different subtitle--different publishers and all that.) I'm now halfway through a paperback of Tom Clancy's latest, The Teeth of the Tiger--which I'd not even heard about in hardcover!; yay graduate school--and is as generally fun as Clancy's pageturners are. This one might be stretching credulity a bit further than usual with him, but it's still fun.

Today we are going to be consumed with packing. Frannie's already going hard at work in the house and --oops! Here she comes to get directions for people taking the train to South Bend from Chicago. So we're off at 8am tomorrow for the Bend and the Inn at St. Mary's to get ready for the wedding on Saturday. Zoom!
Tags: books, friends-notre dame era, lewis, personal, travel-2004-2005 wyoming

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