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Personal--The Invisible Man

Well, the paper is done for the conference at Notre Dame this weekend, I'm finally all caught up for school with my one 2-page paper that I forgot to do in September finally done, and I'm going under the knife once again, hopefully to end all the drama. I found out that the thing that has been making me sick the last month, and that had by 10 days ago reduced me to hours lost every day and spent trying not to scream as I writhed in agony in my apartment (this made having my colon cut out feel like a hangnail by comparison) turned out to be an abscess, forming right next to where my surgery was, which was why we thought it was a surgical complication for so long. In 30 years, my surgeon figures he's only seen something completely random and unrelated like this pop up right next to the surgical area. Anyway, the thing finally burst and is draining, which I can tolerate long enough to do the conference and then get back for surgery on the 23rd which will, I hope, finally pull me back together.

The paper can probably stand some filling-out before publication, but it is fine for a conference reading. So, looking forward to getting back to real life. My apologies to those of you who sent me IMs asking how I was doing, and to whom I didn't respond: you might have signed off, but also it was just crazy here the last few weeks trying to function with that much pain. I should be a bit more conversational in a few days, I hope.
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