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Personal--A Confession

The impassioned confession that I made to Professor Barnes (for whom I was TA last year, who is leading the seminar I'm taking on The Holy Spirit from Second Temple Judaism to Augustine, and who is a pretty good pal) a little while ago during an email exchange regarding the background of Stoic pneumatology to all the Jewish/Christian pneumatology we are studying:
I love this stuff, I really do. And I'm loving reading it all. But deep down in my heart of hearts, what I really want to do right now, more than anything else in the universe, is buy every issue of The Legion of Super-Heroes and The New Teen Titans that I read as a kid and devour them. I don't know why this is, but it is true. I say this to you because I know that somehow you will understand and this reassures me that I can both have this desire and be both an adult and a theologian. (Someday?)
The last week or so has had something pulling at me back to these centers of my Jr. High and High School imagination. Too bad I sold my entire collection--almost everything DC printed between 1980-1987--to Kim Clauson for the "between friends" price of $200....

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