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Random--In the Tradition of "Man Bites Dog," I Give You:

Hound Shoots Hunter

Oct 1, 10:56 am ET

ZAGREB (Reuters) - A veteran Croatian hunter was shot by his own hound while preparing to go off into the woods, a newspaper reported on Friday.

Spaso Ivosevic, a hunter in central Croatia since 1957, cleaned and loaded his double-barreled shotgun as usual on Wednesday, the Jutarnji List daily said.

Ivosevic briefly leaned the gun against a wall near his house when his 2-year-old dog Lero, chasing chickens through the yard, stormed past and tripped over the shotgun.

It hit the ground and fired, showering Ivosevic with pellets.

The hunter was treated for a fractured leg bone, while the fate of Lero was not known.
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