Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: The End of Orientation

Wiped the hell out. After a week of unceasing orientations, I pretty much dropped last night. As this was the only time that everyone from the extension centers were here, too, and thus the only time you could spend with the full faculty, I wanted to take advantage of that, and so every evening was filled with social events. The orientations more successfully introduced me to everything that I don't fully understand at the university rather than getting me to master them, but perhaps that's the best that can be hoped for. But after an evening of Shepherd's Pie and great conversation at the Shamrock Ale House after seeing Man of Steel again (and featuring such cool topics as discovering that Brian and Dan were from the same town in Connecticut, to Patricia describing for me the imaginative and aesthetic impact of growing up around Chartres), I came in and slept for ten hours. So now it's time to turn to actually doing class prep.

Tags: friends-marquette era, friends-saint leo era, personal, saint leo, via ljapp

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