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Personal: Sorting Out the New MacBook Pro

For completeness's sake, and because I'm loathe to surrender my LiveJournal, despite the parent company's every attempt to render the product unusable as they "improve" it (I see today I can no longer add photograph's to my now essentially unorganizable photo album of what was once 10,000 meticulously-arranged and preserved photos), I am now updating a classic ongoing entry on my computers. Today I received the new laptop from my job (starting this fall semester) as an Assistant Professor of Theology at Saint Leo University, north of Tampa. My previous computer, the mighty Augustine, was stolen by ostensible mover, Mark Cordle, along with the rest of my belongings. While that added a great pile of misery on top of an already awful year of finding myself without work and having the left side of my face cut away and reconstructed, I did managed to be smart enough to keep a backup hard drive on my person when I came north. I'm currently attempting to transfer the contents of that 1TB hard drive onto a new 3TB external hard drive, which operation will then tomorrow be followed by an attempt to put a limited amount of that material onto the 500GB hard drive of the new laptop via a Time Machine "Restore" operation.

In the meantime, I'm having to come up with an appropriate name for the new laptop, in keeping with what became my tradition of naming the computers after figures in the history of the Church. (This was a slowly-emerging tradition as my first computer was named for an invisible figure mentioned in a bit on The Young Ones, and my second computer might have merged toward this tradition by being a blend of inspirations – I can no longer remember for certain – from "Milo Bloom" of Bloom County and "Saint Milo" from an unfinished screenplay, The Videpistles of Saint Milo, by the late great Dave Gustavson, may he continue to rest in peace.) Albertus was the first one clearly so-named in my mind, as I was reading Albertus Magnus, Albert the Great, for the first time, as I installed the new, modified G3 processor into Milo in a dramatic "brain transplant" effected entirely by use of a Swiss Army Knife, to turn Milo into a bona-fide G3 computer. Since then I've been drawing my names from the 4th century Milanese set, as the Ambrose/Augustine circle became ever greater in my eyes. The laptop I used at Loyola University New Orleans, unrecorded below, became "Alypius" in that mode.

So now I'm trying to figure out this weighty, so important matter, and my final decision will be posted on my historical litany below. "Leo" seems an obvious candidate, as I'm now starting at a school named for Leo the Great, Pope from 440-461. "Benedict" also appeals, as the school is a Benedictine one, and home to male and female Benedictine monastic communities. ... Alright. I think "Leo" has to win, in gratitude for being hired there, and in hopes that I bring some honour to the name and to the university community.

My Mac History:

Urosevich's Mac (used from 1989-92)

Macintosh SE (belonging to my college housemate)

Trevor (1993-97, my first computer)
Macintosh LC III

Milo (1997-2000)
Power Macintosh 6500/250

Albertus (Milo after G3 processor "brain transplant") (2000-2002)
Power Macintosh 6500/250/G3 (custom)

Ambrose (2002-07)
iMac G4

Simplicianus (2006-13)
PowerBook G4/800 Titanium

Augustine (2007-stolen 2012)
iMac 7,1 24" 750GB

Leo (2013- )
MacBook Pro 13" 2.5GHz i5
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