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Personal--French Reading Exam

This is it! I'm off to see if my hare-brained attempt to learn enough French in a single month has worked enough to let me pass a Ph.D. reading exam! What? French has a subjunctive tense? Really? Oh, well: here goes!

Edit, 5:00pm: Well, I had to translate a thick page of commentary on ecumenical eucharistic dialogue. I wasn't able to finish the last sentence before time was called, but I felt like I did a fairly decent job. I know that there were sentences that could have stood cleaning up and could have been in smoother English, and I know that I was hoping that the Holy Spirit would go all Pentecost on me as I winged my way through certain tenses, but I seemed to understand what the article was saying. So it remains to see if I understood exactly enough. Watch this space for results in two weeks. I'll give it the flip of a coin right now, myself.

Alright, time to reward myself by taking a shower, having some dinner, watching the Smallville episode I recorded last night and like a good boy ignored in favour of my French studies, and then I'll cap the evening off by heading out with Professor Barnes to catch The Bourne Supremacy and talk New Testament scholarship. Yeah!
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