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Theological Notebook/Personal/Random--Michaelmas


It's my feastday! (But I still have to go to all my classes....) Wish me good festive thoughts and send a prayer my way, care of my imposing and impossible-to-live-up-to patron and namesake. This is from the new Coventry Cathedral: I visited the bombed-out ruin of the old one next door in June 1997, shortly after Steve Warner wrote a great musical setting of the famed Coventry prayer for peace.

There was a particular devotion to this spirit in the early Medieval period as the Western Roman Empire collapsed and political security was scarce. Churches dedicated to Michael the Archangel could be found often on rocks and hilltops: natural lookout points and refuges from bandits, raiders and armies. One such, Skellig Michael off the Kerry coast of Ireland, is the most spiritual spot I've ever been, and where I'd arranged to have my ashes scattered when I thought I might be dying in 1998.

St. Michael, Georgian, 9th century?, Monastery of St. Dodo

By Albrecht Dürer

St. Michael, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Chicago

By Hannah M. G. Shapero

By Piero della Francesca

By Hans Memling
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