Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Moments with Nieces

[From Facebook:] July 1:

Harassing Haley: "What did you just say?! 'Me and Grace is...'?! Who taught you how to talk? Who taught you grammar?!"
Haley: "Hulk!"

July 2:

Overwhelmed with little girl chatter this evening as Grace hosted two of her friends (our power and AC are on). Thus I found myself having dinner with three nieces and these two friends: the combined ages of my dinner companions equaled my own. Earlier, they had squealed gleefully to see a Wii representation that they'd made of me get eaten by a ghost in a game....

July 4:

None of my nieces are fond of fireworks and their volume. 5 year-old Sophie made sure to bring ear protection, explaining matter-of-factly to me, "Because I get infections."

July 10:

Sophie, aged 5, trying to dissuade me from eating their dog while they're on vacation, finally comes up with: "He doesn't have a lot of calories."
Tags: family, funny, grace, haley, personal, quotations, sophia

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