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Personal: South-to-North Cross-Country Train Trip

An "archive" entry, reprinting basically what was on my Facebook (with a few comments included), of updates from my 28-29 June journey from New Orleans to Chicago. Optimized for a window about 1200 pixels wide, but I don't know the HTML code to fix my browser entry's width like that, so beware the clutter if you have a wider browser window!

IMG_2210June 28 via mobile
Doing some final walkabout in New Orleans. Bags checked, train leaves in four hours. — at Lafayette Square.

New Orleans = Coast CityJune 28 via mobile
Hey! I recognize this street! It's Coast City! Hal Jordan fought Parallax here in Green Lantern. (Geek cred established.) — at Perdido And O'Keefe.

June 28 at 10:14am in New Orleans ·
Biggest plate of scrambled eggs in human history! — at Welty's Deli.

IMG_2215June 28 at 11:05am in New Orleans ·
Of course. — at Jackson Square.

IMG_2221June 28 at 11:44am in New Orleans ·
Celebrating good times with God and a bunch of day campers. — at the St. Louis Cathedral (NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA).
But I'm thinking that recorded chant playing in a church is probably just wrong.

IMG_2225June 28 at 12:37pm in New Orleans ·
Leaving the Quarter. Love the architecture, hate the hype. Got a train to catch!

Always liked the juxtaposition of old and new when leaving the French Quarter and heading toward the Central Business District. — at Vieux Carre Historic District.

June 28 at 1:54pm in Metairie ·
Ran into Haley on the train, heading to meet family in Hammond. Random fun! — with Haley Summers at Jesuit John Ryan Baseball Stadium.

IMG_2230June 28 via mobile ·
Hung with Haley in the lounge car but lost her too quickly in the conversation when we arrived at her destination. But I'm immensely enjoying my swamp viewing. — with Haley Summers at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

June 28 at 4:00pm near Magnolia, MS ·
The thickness of the brush in these woods is incredible. I could be a hundred feet from an army and never see it.

June 28 at 4:49pm near Wesson, MS ·
Kids on bikes waving to the train as it passes. Classic.
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Anne Marie Salan: Did you wave back?
June 28 at 4:51pm

Mike Novak: I smiled in recognition, then in the moment I realized that I had a moral obligation to be the Guy Who Waves Back, we went behind trees.
June 28 at 5:04pm via mobile

Aaron Garman: Cool, but not as cool as a young man in black rimmed glasses running past the train and then crossing its path before you hit him.
June 28 at 5:11pm

Anne Marie Salan: Of course you must wave back! Same rules apply when on a train as when onshore and passing boaters wave at you!
June 28 at 5:17pm via mobile

Mike Novak: AG: you gotta be in Kansas for that crazy shit.
AMS: I stand chastened.
June 28 at 6:24pm via mobile

Thomas Near: Good they were not throwing rocks!
June 28 at 7:54pm

IMG_2246June 28 at 6:33pm near Jackson, MS ·
I took this train option because I wanted to see the land, especially the Mississippi Delta region, which I was pleased to calculate we'd get to before sunset. Just realized the route is going to go around the Delta. So this goes up there with the time I hit Monument Valley at midnight.
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Aaron Garman: Aw rats. I feel your pain: my train from Indiana to Denver got canceled last summer due to flooding in the Midwest. Biggest downer ever.
June 28 at 6:52pm via mobile

Mike Novak: I was wanting to see the Mississippi Delta shine like a National guitar.
June 28 at 6:54pm via mobile

Mike Novak: Never so glad to be wrong! Took a big turn toward Yazoo City, and it looks like we'll ride the edge of the Delta.
June 28 at 7:11pm via mobile

June 28 near Sidon, MS
Glad to be wrong! Skirting the Delta: alluvial plain stretch to the sunset, and even saw signs of something considered mythological in New Orleans: *slope.*

IMG_2256June 28 via mobile
A kid outside the train station picked up and looked at several unused railroad ties before selecting one, putting it across his shoulders, and dropping into a series of squats and lifts with it. *I* was impressed.... — at Greenwood Amtrak Station.

IMG_2258June 28 near Glendora, MS
New Orleans was flat, but a full and developed city, and so you couldn't typically see great distances. So it was amazing to see a sunset go all the way to the horizon again, swollen and red as it dropped closer to the distant trees, and flattening out in that weirdest of distortions. But utterly unphotographable by my iPhone camera, which overloaded at the attempt. It was a "dusky" red indeed: and made the air, the water, and the land glow in a most satisfying way.

June 28 at 9:52pm near Lake Cormorant, MS ·
Arg. Passed a little while ago within a few miles of where my undergraduate mentor is retired, and can't make the train stop so that I can pay my respects.

June 28 at 10:52pm in Memphis, TN ·
Cities may be less interesting than the countryside when traveling this way. Can't get a sense of what's still in the Memphis music scene from the train. — at Riverfront Memphis, TN.

June 28 at 11:55pm near Ripley, TN ·
An epic day for the family: my three year-old nephew and Godson Nathan endured having his tonsils removed, my niece Haley turned eight, and those two events leave my cross-country journey a distant third in interest. I'm hoping Haley left Chicagoland intact for when I see her tomorrow. I texted her today not to start celebrating until I arrived, but, curiously, I received no response....

June 29 at 2:58am in Carbondale, IL ·
Dad was right: too chilly on the train, even though I tried to prepare for that by wearing jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. (And in New Orleans at that!) Fortunately, I had over-estimated how much I could fit into my garment bag, and so had to stuff a few t-shirts into my briefcase. All better now, had heading back to fake train sleep. — at Carbondale Train Station.

June 29 at 4:24am near Odin, IL ·
The guy on the other side of the aisle snores with amazing rapidity and rising pitch, but at least he's loud.

IMG_2263June 29 via mobile
The father stopped snoring but now the precocious four year-old daughter is awake behind me and chattering to her grandmother: "It's getting light out. We're not moving. I can see a star! This isn't Chicago, is it?" — in Odin, IL.

IMG_2271June 29 via mobile
Managed to snooze some after the sun came up. But it was mildly glorious to see cornfields again, and land that made sense. But we're now into the Chicagoland region, rolling into Chicago itself. Just passing the University. — at Hyde Park.

IMG_2280June 29 near Chicago, IL
More movie madness! Bruce Wayne's alternative Batcave location from The Dark Knight!

IMG_2283June 29 via mobile
And... Touchdown! — at Amtrak.

June 29 at 10:44am in Cicero, IL ·
Metra commuter train announcement just now: "Please! Do not put your feet on the seats! Do NOT put your FEET on the SEATS! That's with or without shoes! That's just NASTY! Thank you!" — at Cicero Metra.
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