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Personal--Joe Serge

Yoicks! It's taken so long the last two days to answer everyone's responses that I haven't been able to do my "Theo Notebook" entries from this week. It'll have to wait 'til tomorrow. Had a cool experience tonight after spending three hours in the library looking things up for Bryan. A guy came up to me and said, "Mr. Novak? I used to be a student of yours...." I had known that three freshmen were former students from St. Joe, but here was Joe Serge, a class of 2000 transfer student now here at Marquette to finish a degree in psychology. In the same way that I haven't recognized the two of the three freshmen I've run into so far, I certainly didn't recognize the man in front of me from the boy I knew. We talked for some time, and I had to grin hearing his plans for medical school and going into geriatrics or obstetrics. It's just very different hear these plans coming matter-of-factly from an adult than in the "maybe..." tone of a high school sophomore. It's those moments, somehow, that are the best of being a teacher, even when you're not currently teaching.
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