Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Theological Notebook: Catching Up; Yamauchi Arrival; Quoted Back to Myself

How neglectful have I been with my journaling over the last month or so as things have gotten ultra busy and even chaotic? So much so that I've been working on putting together the material and bones of new journal entries for nearly three hours, now, and yet this is the first few sentences I've actually written. So, since I really want to get out of this chair now, I'm just going to start by reproducing a few notes I left on my Facebook Wall. Those will serve as a bit of journal-updating leading up to a more full entry tomorrow.

First up is the update I sent in as I was walking on these local New Orleans streets before my Yamauchi Lecture on Wednesday November 30th:
Off to the university to give my public lecture! I got two blocks before I realized that I left my lecture notes! Walking back to the house!
The sad thing was, I got home, got my notes, walked back to the streetcar stop, and only when the streetcar stopped in front of me did I realize I didn't have my wallet on me (and thus cash or a streetcar ticket) because I'd decided to leave my wallet at home so as not to spoil the lines of my suit. So I had to walk back the four blocks to my house again.... Then it took a while for another streetcar to come (they can be erratic), so much so that Sara, our department secretary, was calling me worriedly, wondering if I was going to show up to my own lecture on time. I left fifty minutes early, to ride to the university that was only a 20-minute walk away, and still only made it with five or ten minutes to spare. I was starting to get a little freaked, myself, and wondering if I'd have to give up on a streetcar coming and scamper down St. Charles Avenue in order to make it on time!

The other note from the Wall was from grading exams the other day:
In one of my students' "Jesus Christ" exam questions on the Creed of the Council of Nicea: "Like you said in class, 'with this they gave the finger to the Arians.'" Um. Yes, I suppose I did say that.
I had been trying to get across an idea of how the anti-Arian stuff in the Creed (more explicitly identifying the Son as "God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God, begotten not made, one in being with the Father") was really over-emphasizing a point in order to critique where the Arian theology of the Son's relationship to the Father fell short of the testimony of the Apostles. Seeing my off-the-cuff words in print from a student seemed a little more ambiguous than when I lightly said them in class! Still, the note got thumbs-up and approving comments from a number of Ph.D.s and doctoral students, along with other learned folk....
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