Novak (novak) wrote,

Theological Notebook: A Further Thought on the Odes of Solomon

Drat. I just realized that I ought to have highlighted more clearly the significance of The Odes of Solomon as evidencing a "realized eschatology," like the Gospel of John has, in the article being published in Vigiliae Christianae. Like John, and in contrast to earliest Christian literature, the Odes seem not to expect an immanent return of Jesus in a history-ending Day of Judgment, but rather to have reconsidered that Jewish apocalyptic idea and come to decide that the life of Jesus was and remains the great injection of God into human history: that the "Day of Judgment" is the encounter with the Messiah wherever and however that will now happen to people in a world where Jesus and his Holy Spirit are on the loose.

So is this going to be a dorky downside to life in academia: waking in the middle of the night, maybe years after the fact, with you brain still telling you to tweak this or that long-since-submitted piece of research?

I suppose the positive way to spin this is to start working on another article, devoted to that idea alone....
Tags: academia, apocalyptic literature, gospels, ideas to pursue?, patristics, theological notebook, writing

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