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Theological Notebook--No! Could it be?! Thought-provoking, non-propagandistic TV?!!! And Dave!!!!

And in an election year, no less!

Just got a notice about a forthcoming PBS special called "The Question of God," which this evangelical review actually thinks is thought-provoking and not played with weighted dice to set up the argument to tell you what the producer wants you to think. I gather it's off a book of the same name by a fellow teaching at Harvard Medical School, and sets up C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud in conversation as the two 20th-century representatives of theism and atheism. Might be worth watching with folks. The article is here.

And now, time for bed after a late mass and a dizzying evening of reading the Community Rule of the Dead Sea Scrolls. More forthcoming on that.

Oh, and my best friend from undergraduate called this afternoon. David Nutting was finishing a day of guest-preaching at a Presbyterian Church in Reno, but let me know that he received a call from a very active-sounding church in Dallas to be their pastor. It was rather fascinating to hear the rigour with which he had to go through their testing procedures before being officially accepted as their pastor. It sounded about the level of doctoral exams: he is being drilled on doctrine, history, scripture, as well as personal interviews before this congregation accepts him as their pastor.

It's a rather vivid contrast to the Catholic experience of hoping that the new priest assigned to you is "good." Perhaps our traditional Catholic problems of poor teaching starts with our congregations holding the hoop too low, or rather, not being able to hold the hoop at all. Still, on the flipside, I would not want to see what some random Catholic congregation might decide is the "stuff they want to hear." Truth is a poor thing to decide by popularity and democracy, after all. Oh, now I might have started it....
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