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Errantry: Novak's Journal
...Words to cast/My feelings into sculpted thoughts/To make some wisdom last
Theological Notebook: Busy; Yamauchi Lecture 
28th-Sep-2011 01:43 pm
Loyola Faculty Portrait
Just a few quick notes, as I've been crazy-busy over the last week or so. Had my first round of exams to give (and grade), and so that's keeping busy, along with the regular class prep. My independent study continues to rock, with my student and I having a great set of discussions on Marcel, Tillich, and Bultmann last Thursday. Sent the revisions of an article off to their editor.

One interesting bit of news that took me by surprise was discovering that I was being asked to give the Fall 2011 H. James Yamauchi, S.J., Lecture in Religion at Loyola. It looks like it'll be December 7th – the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack – and it will give me an opportunity to do one of the things that has been on the agenda I sketched out with Professor Fahey as I headed into completing my dissertation, which is to start to do popularized talks on the ecclesiology I proposed in my project. This will be perfect for that, so I'm already starting to play in my head with ways of describing these ideas in such a forum. Aaron, who did the last lecture, with a piece of his called "Islam and the American Dream" was kicking around title ideas with me the other evening. He actually thought I should keep the technical terms in a title, which he thought worked as a bit of a hook, but to also have a subtitle, in the sort of standard way of academic books these days. So right now the working title is "An Ecclesiology of Charisms: A Church of Unity or a Church Moving Toward Unity?"

Rosh Hashanah begins tonight. Mari invited me to come to shul with her and Barbra, which will be fun/interesting. It's been a while since I've been to a synagogue service: every time Mari wanted me to come last year, something was problematic in the timing.
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