Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Theological Notebook: No Joe; Much Jesus

Bummed. My brother Joe called earlier tonight to tell me that he wouldn't be able to make it down here Thursday, after all. He's at a wedding with Dave, his father-in-law, over in Florida for most of the week, and thought he might be able to make a day trip over here, but the schedule won't be that flexible, after all. Daniele and Nate ended up staying home because they've only just managed to get Nate, who is just shy of three years old, into a real routine with his new preschool/day care experience, and because Daniele as a teacher has only a very limited amount of personal days she can take off during the school year. So being relatively on his own raised the possibility for Joe that he could drive the three-and-a-half hours each way to make a New Orleans run, and I've been waiting for the last week or so to find out whether he could actually pull it off. I was trying to not be optimistic, since that is kind of a big extra run to throw into the mix of his schedule, but it would have been cool. Though we talk on Skype, I've not actually seen any family in five months, now, which is a new record for me, and it would have been cool to be able to give him a quick glimpse of some New Orleans flavour. I had been thinking dinner at Dante's Kitchen, and, if he was feeling ambitious and maybe wanted to turn this into a brief overnight, heading down to Frenchmen Street for some music: I'm not sure what would be playing, and I know we'd have been missing Ellis Marsalis's Trio on one of their regular nights by a day....

Still wiped out from my work yesterday. After all of that, and of how tired I was, when I got home I didn't sleep very well, so I felt like I've been dragging all day. Nevertheless, I had a pretty productive session with my Jesus Christ courses today. "Jesus in Teaching and Action" was the theme, and we looked at a number of passages in the gospels, from which people took the story or teaching that struck them the most and explained why in discussion with the rest of the class (with people often chiming in on what struck them about said passage, too), and distilled that down to a single descriptive word about Christ as a personality, with the effect at the end of the session of having started to create a distinct personality sketch. I wanted them, especially if they've never really read the gospels before, to be able to start to get a hold on why Jesus had had such a profound personal impact on the people who encountered him, and to pick up on how much of that impact is still preserved in the texts. The only downside of the sessions were discovering, particularly in my second session, that a number of people hadn't done the reading at all. (Five students in the second class, all, stereotypically, people sitting in the back of the class....) While I try to make my classes somewhat flexible, I've got to be prepared to make sure that that lack of participation and preparation bites them in the ass if they keep it up....
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