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Personal--Belated Happy Birthday to Kevin Fleming

A belated Happy Birthday to Kevin Fleming, who is my ... uh, to whom I am Best Man. (Hmmm. There should be a way of saying that to make him the object of the sentence, but I can't say "he's my groom" without being completely misleading.) I can only beg off on having been sick and not getting back to people or as aware of them as I normally am or should be. Kevin has the poor luck of his birthday now being overshadowed by our worst national tragedy, so I have been trying to make a point of making an early, upbeat "first strike" of greetings for his birthday. Today, I blew that. So if you're feeling random, send birthday greetings: introduce yourself as a friend of mine and wish him the best--maybe your randomness will make up for my lack of spontaneity! He's the best friend/pshrink/drummer and such you could ever find. (For those of you who've listened to Life and Other Impossibilities, Kev's the drummer whose chops are giving you bursts of energy throughout, and who is playing guitar and singing with my in the song "On My Way," which is about our epic Road Trip in August of 2000.)

At least ND came back to spank Michigan 28-20 today: that should make any Domer's birthday a grand affair.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, notre dame, old stories, personal, the renaissance men

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