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Personal--Follow up

Hey friends,

I just wanted to thank all of you who responded with encouraging notes of prayer or good wishes. I'm just getting in at 10:30pm after heading out for the day at 9am, so I can't respond to everyone just yet, individually. Today was a much better day, ending with a surprise dinner invitation to classmate Michael Harris and his wife's apartment after class finished at 7. Things seem to be getting more under control and it was a relief to hear from my surgeon that as I return to a higher, normal-fiber diet that bleeding is a normal part of the process as the rougher food hits my sutures and they have to adjust, toughen and scar up more. I tried to make that as clinical and delicate a description as I could. But anyway, your concern means a lot to me: especially when spirits get low. So once again, my thanks.

Tags: friends-marquette era, personal

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