Novak (novak) wrote,

Random: Great Lines

I picked up a copy of The International this past week in a set of inexpensive used DVDs I spotted in an eBay auction. It's a more intelligent action/thriller that I had quite enjoyed when I rented it earlier this year. The film stars Clive Owen, who I've always enjoyed as a smart leading man, and who I am now (dorkishly) slightly more fond of now since last fall when Therese mentioned over dinner that she thought I kind of looked like him, which I found flattering but inexplicable. I've just been rewatching it in bits today, and I was quite struck by a great, concise line delivered by that potent character actor, Armin Mueller-Stahl, playing disillusioned former East German leftist Wilhelm Wexler:
"Character is easier kept than recovered."
If that doesn't get to the heart of virtue ethics, I don't know what does.
Tags: ethical, favourite films, movies/film/tv, quotations, random

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