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Personal--Phone Booth and Girl With A Pearl Earring Quick Reviews

Over dinner last night I watched Phone Booth. A decent, quick thriller, more-or-less in real time. I could actually see this one being a cool one-act play in a theatre. A brief morality play without a great deal of metaphysical depth, but enough to make you reflect on the role of manners in society.

Dinner tonight had Girl With A Pearl Earring. This one was far more subtle in its drama, and the cinematography followed the line of the story with a lush exploration of colour that's worth the movie alone. Historical follow-up seems to tell me that Johannes Vermeer and his wife really get their reputations screwed in the movie, however. I'm about ready to push for a law forbidding Hollywood to do historical movies--or at least requiring them to put a detailed, dreadful, point-by-point analysis of how they're butchering history and libeling the characters they're describing before such films: that would so bore people as to drive away their audience and make Hollywood be historically responsible just for greed's sake. So does anyone agree with that theory? Huh? Huh?
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