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Personal--The Strangest Political Statement of the Week

While I'm blathering about things political, did anyone else notice the bizarre (if rather telling) sentence to leap from the lips of the Governor of California this week at the Republican Convention? I mean, of course, this line:

If you believe this country, not the United Nations, is the best hope for democracy, then you are a Republican.

I can think of few things more likely to inspire terrorist to think that their cause is just than a country that believes that whatever it does--rather than representatives of the world gathering together to discuss and vote on a course of action--best defines "democracy."

Now, you might say that that's an idealized view of the United Nations. And I'd say, yes, my point exactly.

When we helped form the UN, largely to oppose Communism, we knew that an international democratic body--by virtue of its being democratic--would help us resist and destabilize a system that could not function in a democratic milleu. But the down side of democracy is that sometimes you lose a vote. But that's still democracy. The horrific hypocracy of the nationalists who think that democracy is somehow an American product, and define democracy as "whatever America does," and not something that belongs to all people as the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence proclaimed, undermines the real long-term interests of America by making our country appear a real rogue among nations.

It is a stain on our democracy that both Republicans and Democrats (this nonsense was spoken by Clinton, too, who withheld the dues owed by the world's richest nation in protest of votes that hadn't gone the U.S.'s way--and then complained that the United Nations couldn't get anything done) have capitulated to those extremists who talk about the United Nations as some globe-conquering conspiracy. Would the U.S. lose a bit of sovereignty by being accountable to a given United Nations vote? Absolutely. And every time that we lost such a vote, it would be a victory for American democratic ideals. But to see that takes more vision than that of a child who has a tantrum every time he doesn't get what he wants.
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