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Personal: It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

Well, maybe not so stormy. More like a steady rain. But it was still enough to knock out our power. Again. This happened four or five weeks ago, too, just our block again, and maybe the one lakeside (or "north," as non-New Orleaneans might say) this time. I fear we have weak wires. I can still (again) see the lights on across the street out my bedroom window.

Middle-of-the-night outages are especially sucky for us nocturnals, since my late afternoon/evening teaching schedule this semester has allowed me to get back into the bad habits of my old student schedule. Losing power at 2:30am really limits your options when your body won't be likely to fall asleep until 5. Thus the usefulness of whining into a blog, I figure, on your lovely iPhone! And I was just halfway through tonight's Grey's!

Oh well, maybe I should conduct an experiment in lightless oil-painting....
Tags: funny, new orleans, personal, random, weather

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