Novak (novak) wrote,

Theological Notebook: Taylor on Nietzsche/Postmodernity/Nihilism

Boom! Prepping for tomorrow's class and I just found one of those lines of critique and insight that goes brilliantly and simply to the heart of a matter:
But in fact, the Nietzschean critique of all "values" as created cannot but exalt and entrench anthropocentrism.
– Charles Taylor, The Ethics of Authenticity, pp. 60-61.
That's about as clear a summation as I've seen as to where contemporary thinking (whether conscious and philosophical, or whether popular and just absorbed culturally) effectively shoots itself in the foot and contradicts its own half-realized ethical intentions.
Tags: atheism, books, class-grace, ethical, philosophical, political, quotations, secularism/modernity, theological notebook

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