Novak (novak) wrote,

Theological Notebook/Personal: Freud and Sartre; Banditti of the Prairies

I'm still prepping chapters on Freud and Sartre for my class on The Experience of Grace for tomorrow – the price of watching the Superbowl. I'm having flashbacks to my undergraduate class on European Intellectual History from 1850, and just how much distaste I came to experience in reading Freud's Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis. Erik gave me an intellectual beatdown on the streets of Florence in 2006, as we walked from the Museum of the Duomo to the Uffizi, showing me exactly why I couldn't disregard Freud's contributions to psychology no matter what flaws are in his system or in his cultural analyses, but Freud still gives me the unpleasant reaction I have toward anything that's too deterministic.

On another random note, I tripped across a pretty good article on Wikipedia on Saturday about the "Banditti of the Prairie," the local "Prairie Pirates" I remember Mr. Bouska telling us about during a day of "Summer Science" the summer after (or before?) 5th grade that really ended up being a day much more concerned with local history. That might have been a big contributor, actually, to my love of history in general, and the dawn of my interest in local history. Discovering the "wild west" drama of my hometown being beset by murderous bandits and the locals taking it upon themselves to form vigilante groups like "The Regulators" or like "The Associations for the Furtherance of the Cause of Justice" was a bit eye-opening in the sense of letting me know that there were lots of stories all around us, even if most weren't quite so hair-raising. I discovered in the article that I had some details wrong from my memory, such as thinking that the 1841 murder of Regulator Campbell had happened at the 1874 Italianate house that's now the Pinehill Inn in Oregon, Illinois, but I suppose that isn't much of a shock. I do wish I could get back there and roam a bit of that countryside, now, and check out some of these sites on my own, with an adult's eye and mind.
Tags: books, class-grace, historical, niu, oregon illinois, philosophical, psychological, theological notebook

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