Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Theological Notebook: Semester Start and Baby Eating

I've been both so busy and tired after being down a week with that bug that I've not been journaling. Mostly my time has just gone into getting my various classes up and running and that has taken all my energy. The Grace course is an ongoing surprise, as I am sort of experiencing my syllabus for the first time along with the students, and hoping that my plan turns out to make sense in this most subtle of all theological topics. The "Church, Sacraments, and Ministry" course is filled with lovely people, and the ministry-oriented conversation is constantly engaging. The Catholicism course is familiar now, and I have one section that is smaller than the other, which is much more ideal for the students, and I'm looking forward to that more active dynamic that comes with a smaller group of students, which so naturally increases everyone's involvement.

Leslie cracked me up with a great story the other day over a phone call that I had to make sure to jot down here so that it didn't get forgotten. Haley was apparently working on a first-grade school project: a timeline of her life. She and Leslie were sorting through photographs to use while Sophie (3 2/3 years old now) was watching with some interest. She kept asking as they looked through photographs, "Where am I in this one?" only to be told, "You weren't born yet." In one photograph, repeating this question, she was told "You were in Mommy's tummy, here." Now, among my nieces, "in Mommy's tummy" has long been an accepted and comfortable description of pregnancy, so much so that when announcing Leslie's pregnancy with Sophia to me, Grace and Haley (then 4 and 2, respectively) pulled Leslie's shirt up to inspect and show me "the baby in Mommy's tummy." At this moment, however, as Sophie was looking at this photograph and hearing that she was in Mommy's tummy at that time, she did the math a little differently in her head, and suddenly gasped in horror, "You ate me?!!" Priceless.
Tags: class-catholicism, class-church sacraments and ministry, class-grace, haley, loyola, personal, sophia, theological methodology

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