Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: False Start

Ugh. The nastiest day in my history of New Orleans. The first day of the new semester and I have to get hammered with a fever bug in my throat. So my course on The Experience of Grace already starts out a day behind. I can make it up fairly quickly, I think, as long as I get back by Wednesday, but I'm still beyond annoyed. There was a lot I wanted to do today, and I got zip done. I think my fever started breaking this afternoon, but maybe that was the ibuprofen for all I understand of it. All the years I've walked the earth and I only find out the other day from Dan while I was at his place that ibuprofen was an anti-fever drug as well as a pain reliever. Never knew it. So I'm not really all that clear on how that part of it works or what to expect of it, but my 102.7ºF dropped down to a 96.2ºF now, which is definitely on the other side of things. But maybe ibuprofen just does that? I'll find out. Sara, who manages our department office, was fabulous for me this afternoon, and strung things out as long as possible, as I had held out the hope of coming in for the 4:55pm class, but it was finally just obvious that that was not going to happen while just walking around my apartment was an exercise in balance for me. So she finally posted a cancellation notice. Good times. My new faculty portrait for the website came in, however, so at least I get to look professorial despite the least-stellar opening ever. (At least, I look professorial on the website; I currently look like a Gorgon.) And I was cogent enough to write this paragraph now, while earlier today I managed to be awake for four hours I didn't really notice, so that seems an improvement.
Tags: class-grace, loyola, personal

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