Novak (novak) wrote,

Random: One of the Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Somene's being funny. I'm crashed out, resting from returning to New Orleans with an ugly bug in the throat and sinuses at 102.7°F. So that's an unfair conclusion to a great few days with the Harrises and the Barneses while being hosted by the Lloyds. Along with a still-unpopped ear from the flight, I discovered that my DVD player had given up the ghost, so I turned on my television. I started flipping around and started flipping past a TLC thing on British royal weddings in all their splendor and failure. I realized someone was being funny when they slipped the main, and upbeat-sounding, theme from Jurassic Park into the soundtrack as the divorces mounted.
Tags: funny, movies/film/tv, random

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