Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Theological Notebook: Back From J.P.'s; Ordering Texts

Briefly: back from a quietly fabulous visit with J.P. and Sheila in West Lafayette, waiting for Leslie, Jim and the nieces to return from a bowling outing.

Since I had a quiet house upon my return (after I corrected my mistake on the burgler alarm, that is), I paid bills and then turned to my last remaining bit of prep for the next semester. I ordered the last books for my "Experience of Grace" class, being the next-to-last edition of the popular college text Ten Theories of Human Nature by Leslie Stevenson and David L. Haberman, as the Grace class is largely an exercise in theological anthropology, and because the most recent edition of the text had the authors dropping the chapter on Aristotle, which is insane. Started reading The Secret Garden for the first time, more-or-less on Sheila's recommendation, and am thus far kind of smitten with the language or "presence" of this children's classic.

And there's the garage opener! Off to niece cuteness overdose!
Tags: books, class-grace, family, grace, haley, personal, sophia, theological notebook

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