Novak (novak) wrote,

Random: Wide Awake After Watching Christopher Nolan's "Inception"

Holy Moses! I just took time off from my exciting Saturday night's grading to finally watch Christopher Nolan's Inception, which I had originally hoped to see on the big screen. (This would have been a great movie to see with the Barnes posse.) You know the movie is a winner when it makes you shout out loud even when you're watching it by yourself: it's definitely another Nolan home run. I think I'm especially pleased with it in that it's one of those stories (at least in how this one was told) that could only work as a film: no other medium could have evoked the reactions I had, because the incorporation of the special effects in this movie in making the dream world visualized for the viewer was so much a part of the story-telling. A real triumph of writer-director film-making.
Tags: movie review, movies/film/tv, random

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