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Personal: A Blechy End to a Blechy Break: Luck Owes Me a Great Christmas Break

As it turned out, I felt kind of punk all weekend: kind of a low-grade achy, occasional break out of sweats, not-quite-flu yuckiness. I had to cancel my plans with Mari on Saturday to go out to dinner and to catch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and then I had to decline my department Chair Tim's invitation to come over to his place for dinner on Sunday because I was still feeling off. Mari was also invited, and gloated today at work that Tim's wife, Minoo, made some glorious Persian national dish, Khoresh Fesenjun, and so I missed out there, too. So I suppose that it ended up being a Good Thing that I didn't make it up to see family for the holiday, as I would have been cashed out corpse-like on a couch for the last two days, which would have been frustrating for me and for everyone else. I can easily imagine how un-fun Uncle Mike would have been for the nieces if I was barely responsive while Grace was asking me if I knew X about this or that breed of dog and could I please explain photosynthesis to her?, while Sophie wanted me to read a comic book to her, and Haley tried to get a rise out of me by threatening to bite me if I weren't more entertaining. Even imagining them right now is exhausting. :-)

I tried to rally today for teaching, and made it through both of my Catholicism courses, before pretty much everyone stopped to tell me to go home. There's so much to squeeze in in my Jesus classes before the end of the semester that I hated to do it, but I suppose this will actually make me scale back my too-ambitious reading plan for the "spiritual" text I've assigned them (reading the first volume of Ratzinger's Jesus of Nazareth as a more spiritual reading of the gospels, as opposed to the more methodologically historical and theological texts we've just read: Pelikan's Jesus Through The Centuries and O'Collins' second edition of Christology). So I hope that that more focused reading, rather than trying to knock off the whole text in detail in two weeks, will make for improved quality of classroom conversation. In the meantime, I'm trying to get through that listless feeling, where even television-watching seems far too demanding for the work involved. I was so excited to get back to work, but that feeling clashed with the way my body feels with this bug. I was trying to describe the feeling to my far-too-lovely co-worker Kristin on the train to campus this morning, that I was trying to find a word that somehow meant "restless" and "lethargic" at the same time, which earned me a dubious look from her as a teacher of writing. It probably wasn't one of my life's conversational high points.
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