Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Lula's Cafe Losing Its Place in South Bend

Damn. I just read in Doug McE's journal that Lula's is losing its location back in South Bend, apparently only because the landlord's being an ass. So that's a sucky way to end a rather sucky day. (Just spent the entire day giving exams, which was strangely exhausting: I don't think I ever realized just how much energy I generate for myself during a day's teaching. Just being there all day, but not really doing anything, gave me nothing back.) Like I just wrote to Doug, I never would have called myself one of the true Lula's regulars, but the memories add up over the years:
Notre Dame years, Saint Joe years, dates, gigs, meetings with students, just getting away by myself to read....
Whether the Kirner's acoustic gig in '97 (pictured) with lots of friends gathering for a night of music-making and music-listening, or a long winter's Saturday I can remember sitting folded into one of the chairs in front of the window, reading all day as the sky shown with that grey-white glow of constant light snowfall, where the clouds, the falling snow, and the snow gathering on the ground made for one indiscriminate mass of light – I've got some vivid memories of my time in Notre Dame/South Bend from there.

Obviously life does nothing more than simply change, but like most people, I can hate seeing the evidence of this. And sometimes that evidence gets no more vivid than when you lose some piece of the "staging" of your past. I fear that it's going to be hard going to try to find another location that so easily plugs into the life of the self-contained Notre Dame campus, and location can be everything for the life of a business like that....
Tags: friends-notre dame era, loyola, notre dame, old stories, personal, restaurants, south bend, teaching

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