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Errantry: Novak's Journal
...Words to cast/My feelings into sculpted thoughts/To make some wisdom last
Personal/Theological Notebook: Good Conversations 
12th-Nov-2010 02:43 pm
Nieces 3 (and Nephew!)
My second session of "Catholicism" especially continues to razzle me and dazzle me with their conversation: I've rarely seen a class so come into its own in everyone so willing to contribute and to carry an equal share of the weight of the class's conversation. I've really begun to be excited about every session, just anticipating the unexpected places to which they'll take me. Today, for example, was a very long and sustained discussion on the community and communitarian aspects of Catholicism. So many of my students – more than I had realized – are from the New Orleans or Louisiana area, and they began chiming in regarding their strong experiences of such community. That discussion, however, was kicked off by a girl from New Jersey talking about that parish experience in her hometown, highlighted by the experience of a parish closing, which several of the New Orleans students experienced as part of post-Katrina trauma. An interesting contrast was given by Cecelia, who shared with the class her own experience of going through the immigrant experience, giving personal insight to the power behind the creation of the strong ethnic parishes of the United States that we had been reading about in Andrew Greeley's The Catholic Imagination.

Nevertheless, I still have to say that my conversation with Haley earlier this week about losing her other front tooth – while in school, no less, for extra first grade drama – made me just as happy.

Now, since I have to go off and be a sounding board and proofreader, to help Mari with her public lecture for Monday, I've just about reached my fill for sensible conversation for today. I'm really mostly just starting to wish I could just talk nonsense with Miss Sophie. I keep seeing these pics I took with her when we were goofing around with my iPhone in October, and I just have to swoon....
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