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Errantry: Novak's Journal
...Words to cast/My feelings into sculpted thoughts/To make some wisdom last
Personal: Midterms; Nimoloth; Where Am I? 
14th-Oct-2010 01:07 am
George Pérez/Flash
Up late designing my second exam for my Catholicism class, after spending yesterday working on this afternoon's second exam for the Jesus course. Initial feedback from a few of those students is that it was a fair and reasonable exam: something I'm always a bit worried about on my first time out in a course, especially in courses like these that cover so much material. (The downside of a near 20 century experience and data set.)

Trying to get all this done in what has felt like a five-day sprint so that Thursday night is all freed up for a real treat: nimoloth is in town with her Gordon on their honeymoon after what she reports as a lovely outdoor wedding in Scotland (which I suspect is no small stroke of good luck). I cannot remember how long we've been corresponding for, or, for that matter, how we became acquainted online, but this will be the first time we've ever actually laid eyes on one another. (Wait. I think it had to do with her photographs of Harry Potter filming locations in Scotland, but I can't remember if I found her through our mutual LJ friends or if I introduced her to them.) I'm only slightly apprehensive, and that entirely based on my college memories of trying to decipher Debbie Rooney's Glaswegian accent at LOMC. The plan is drinks at The Columns and then dinner at Gautreau's Restaurant, my neighbourhood treasure that I've been aching to try.

I finally put my finger on another thing that's been really throwing me for the last week or two. I was really disconcerted or even a bit miffed about the fact that it's getting dark now around 7pm (when I arrived in late July, I could sit and read on my front porch without a light until after 8:30). Well, it's mid-October, why should I be thrown by it getting dark at 7pm? It's the fact that it's getting dark and it's a lovely, clear "summer" evening at 80ºF. It feels like a comfortable July evening to my Midwestern self, and so I unconsciously expect it to stay light until around 830 or 9pm. Another way in which the plus side of the South is just simply confusing to me at this point. But I'm happy to have to engage in the struggle. :-)
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