Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Michaelmas Again

Once again, time brings me to my feastday:


Artist Unknown To Me; Brussels; Saint Michael

I wrote all my geek splurge last night in the midst of a day filled entirely and utterly with prepping too much of Jaroslav Pelikan's magisterial Jesus Through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture (especially his great chapter on "The Cosmic Christ," which I'd not read in years, and which resonated with research I've done since and am doing now, bombarding my mind with ideas), and with the reading on the idea of God in Patristic and Medieval thought for my Catholicism students. So that journal entry was a tiny burst of being able to think about something else before stepping back into my currently more normative feeling of being wrung out.

I've my full load of courses today, so, outside of the joy of teaching, I'll have to have my feastday celebration with whatever energies I can muster afterward. I'd still like to try that neighbourhood restaurant I missed out on last week, but maybe all I'll be able to manage is collapsing on the couch with a chicken salad sandwich in hopes of having my restored energy on Thursday....
Tags: books, class-catholicism, class-jesus christ, loyola, michaelmas, personal

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